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How the project has developed (2003 to 2009)

With limited funds but lots of enthusiasm Sowing the Seed has been developing steadily since 2003 by Director Matt Adams. In 2008 we received funding from the Ernest Cook Trust and we employed part time education development officer, Jane Renton. Now into her second year we have more schools, resources and volunteers to run more projects in 2009.

Keep informed by reading Jane's blog:
Jane Renton's blogspot


Developing the project with Newent Community School, Glos and Bristol Steiner School (11-13 year olds). Using tubs we created 6 different growing methods and grew the same variety of carrots and peas in each.

Developing the project with Acorn School, Glos (8-9 years old). Potatoes no-dig against dig in a garden setting.


Developing a series of lectures on Soil and Nutrition at Acorn School, Glos (15 – 16 year olds). The content of these lectures, including field trips to visit farmers using different methods of growing food, were subsequently published as a series in the Good Gardeners Association News Journal.


Jane Renton, Education Development Officer appointed. Jane ran two projects at primary schools in Minsterworth, Glos (Key Stage 1) and Horton, South Glos (Key Stage 2). We had excellent feedback from pupils, teachers and others concerned.